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#Giveaway Dark Water by T. W. Lawless

Thriller/ Mystery
Date Published: 15th March 2018


Peter Clancy is back. Back in Queensland's Far North, that is - the place he's spent a lifetime trying to leave. Clancy couldn't refuse his 'uncle' Sam's insistence he 'do something' about the destruction of the family graveyard and the threat to the sacred sites of Sam's ancestors from the new mine operations at Clarkes Flat.

And when Clancy discovers his old nemesis Max Hillard is in deep with the mining company, he's more than keen to use his journalism skills to stir up bad publicity for the mine.

But two grisly deaths at the local crocodile farm are followed by murder at the protest camp, and Clancy realises something else is at play. Soon Clancy and Sam are running for their lives ...


He had been to many crime scenes in his career, but he had never seen the police wreck a house to this extent in the search for evidence. He stepped carefully between the rubble and moved towards the kitchen.
The kitchen had also been pulled apart; plates smashed, cutlery strewn everywhere. The kitchen sink had been pulled out of its mounting and the stove had been overturned. Perhaps it wasn’t the police after all. Even out in the middle of nowhere, word got around pretty quickly when a place was empty. It looked like the handiwork of townies. Bush people would never do it.
He tiptoed through the mess. At the other end of the room was a small alcove that they used as a pantry. Tins of food were off the shelves, and bags of flour and sugar had been opened and their contents spread everywhere. Tiny black ants were swarming over the mess. There were tracks through the flour leading towards a half opened window, where a possum had got into the house to gorge on the sugar.
There weren’t any tags, or graffiti, or walls kicked in for the heck of it. It wasn’t mindless vandalism. Peter’s thoughts immediately turned to drugs. Someone was searching for something valuable. He left the kitchen, methodically scouring each room for clues. Everywhere he went, it was the same story; furniture and contents lying all over the place. Even the mattresses had been slashed open.
He returned to the lounge room, noticing a doorway leading off it. The door had been ripped off. He stepped through the doorway and into a small office. The only furniture in the room was an antique desk and a filing cabinet. The drawers of both were open and their contents scattered about the room.
He flicked through a mountain of paper, finding nothing of interest. More photos lay on the floor: pictures of Bluey around the world. He’d obviously spent a lot of time in Africa and South America. It surprised Peter that someone so well- travelled would live out his days running a croc farm, miles from nowhere, surrounded by rednecks.

About the Author

I was born in the Australian outback and raised on family cattle stations ( ranches). I was a Registered Nurse for many years before writing my first book in 2011. The book was about a hard-living Aussie reporter, Peter Clancy, who does nearly anything to get a story. The book, Homecountry was an Amazon best seller as was the follow-up, Thornydevils, which again featured Peter Clancy. I have since written a further two books featuring Peter Clancy. The latest is Dark Water which is set in the outback.

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