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#Review The Art of Dominating the Winner's Circle for the College-Minded Student by Anika Thrower PhD

The Art of Dominating the Winner's Circle for the College-Minded Student
By Dr. Anika Thrower
Genre: Self-help

Book Description

Laced with positive affirmations The Art of Dominating the Winner’s Circle for the College-Minded Student is sure to ignite the desire to grab moments of truth on the journey to higher education. After an introduction about how the books autonym the author discusses how our formative years shapes our lives.

All people come from backgrounds that could lead to a life of poor choices or better choices. Since everyone has a story the author shares a gleams into hers. Within she discusses how she as a child had a front room seat and witnessed some of the poor choices of influential people in her life. She decided to make a go at better choices for herself with the intent to make impact on self, family and the community. This started with attending college.

She asserts it was the journey through college that saved her life.

Having climbed the academic ranks herself and becoming a PhD she now teaches college students. She shows youth and young adults how to: set goals, seek mentorship, prioritize and draw closer to positivity. Within the book, she shares her own personal affirmations and 60 real-life scenarios (she calls life-hacks) of youth and young adults to be solved. The scenarios are broken down into those experienced by high school and college students. The book prompts the reader to solve each scenario alone or with others. Planted in the back of the book is food for thought on how to work through each scenario.  As bonuses, she introduces some of her favorite affirmations from famous people and discusses the importance of proper nutrition during college years to promote mental agility.

Also known as The Self-Preservationist, Dr. Thrower rolls out the roadmap as she shows youth and young adults how to not only take ownership but dominate the academic journey.

This really was an inspiring and uplifting read. Yes, this book is aimed at people who are seeking higher education or who are getting a higher education (like myself, for example). However, I feel that this book is helpful to anyone looking to better themselves. As the blurb states, this book also reminds us to "grab moments of truth on the journey to higher education".  I was excited to read this book because even though I am in my thirties and and college, I was looking forward to the insights this author had to give yet, I was hesitant to read this book because I have gotten tired of self-help books, I appreciate them and what they have to offer, but I got burnt out on those. However, this book didn't have the self-help or preachy feel to it. I looked forward to reading the reminders and inspiriation within the pages of this book. The author did a great job in providing insights and inspiration in an easy to read and smooth format. I am glad I took a chance on this book.

About the Author

A Pittsburgh Pennsylvania native, Dr. Thrower has worked within various populations around the country. Currently, she serves as a health-based professor at Springfield College. There she teaches both graduate and undergraduate coursework. As a health advocate, for nearly a decade she has served at the Nutrition Manager in the first Women, Infants and Children's (WIC) Program within the state of Connecticut at the Cornell Scott Hill Health Center. The program she oversees is known as one of the first WIC programs in the United States. Outside of that work she is an author, public speaker and health-based writer. She has served as a contributing writer for the African American Point of View for nearly a decade. As part of her civil work, she served as both a council member and voted in as the co-chair on the City of New Haven’s Food Policy Council. There she was instrumental in assisting with City of New Haven’s first Food Action Plan.

Dr. Thrower obtained her undergraduate degree in nutrition from Norfolk State University. Later she was awarded both a masters and doctorate degree in public health from Walden University. Because of her exemplary research, Walden University presented her with the prestigious Presidential Alumni Research Dissemination Award.

In her leisure time she enjoys coffee, early mornings and reading.

Twitter: @dranikathrower

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