Wednesday, May 23, 2018

#Review Off Script by Liv Bartlet

“I kissed Edward Wolverton once. It
was everything it was supposed to be—and then some... maybe I’ll kiss him

TV Producer
Bea Douglas’s last confession to her former business partner and ex-best friend
wasn’t meant to tempt the fates. She’s eager to escape the hypocrisy of the
television industry and years of hiding her faith for the convenience of other
people. Edward Wolverton may be hot, smart, and funny—but he’s also two steps
out of rehab with a self-proclaimed allergy to Christianity.

But after a
club night turns violent, Bea loses her sense of self while Eddie teeters on
the edge of relapse. Their connection to each other is the only certainty. To
be together, each will have to let go of past pain and have faith in a love
that never fades.

Off Script is an uncommon story of the power of
love and resilience to bring people together in a society that does its best to
tear them apart.

Liv Bartlet is the pseudonym for writing
partners Becca McCulloch and Sarah McKnight, who have been building worlds and
telling stories together for more than a decade. They’ve logged hours of
behind-the-scenes movie and TV footage and challenged each other in a friendly
Oscar guessing game every year this millennium. Lifelong Anglophiles, their
Monkey & Me world sprang to vivid life on a trip to London that included
divine pastries, sublime art, and a spectacular pratfall in the British Museum.

Becca is a professor, a scientist, and
a secret romantic who insisted their first order of business in London was a
meandering five-mile walk to see Big Ben. She lives with her husband, children,
and an ever-expanding roster of pets in Logan, Utah.

Sarah is an Army brat, an Excel geek,
and has a lot of opinions on the differences between science fiction and
fantasy. She lives with her cat, Sir Jack—who is featured prominently on Liv’s
Instagram —just outside Salt Lake City.

This is the second in the series, but a first for me. I felt a bit lost in the beginning due to not knowing the back story that I am sure the first explains. However, the backstory is explained to a fair extent so as the story unfolds so the reader isn't as confused as the story continues. Some readers say you can read this as a stand-alone..which I am sure you can but, you get the full story and understanding by reading both stories. I am glad I read this book as it was a good reminder that there are truly talented indie authors out there. Not every indie book I have read have been as cohesive and fun in their writing or as talented or creative as this author is. I could never be a writer so I truly tip my hat to writers. Even though I was a little lost in the story in the beginning and at times through the story, the author still managed to keep my interested pulled in and entertained. The characters have depth, charisma, charm, and mystery. I loved the reality of Bea with her struggle within her faith. Anyone who belongs to a faith or religion goes through periods of struggle and, we are all human and make mistakes and errors of judgment. After reading this book, I look forward to having the opportunity to read the first one and hopefully the next installment.

The door to my apartment opens before the third stair squeaks under my foot. Slowly, I raise my eyes to see Eddie leaning against the doorframe with a smug half-smile. Defined biceps jump beneath a soft gray knit sweater that clings to pecs and concave abs. Fine black hair peeks out from the vee of the sweater and at the wrists. Hair wraps his ears and curls along his cheeks—gentle octopus tendrils that caress the soft skin above intense bone structure. If his fangirls could see him, they’d tumble down the stairs to die in an ecstatic heap.
His foot raises to prop against the wall. Smoker Eddie, but instead of a cigarette, he has a spatula dangling from his left hand. My mouth quirks upward at the ridiculous juxtaposition.
I force myself to meet his eyes. “How did you pull this off? Breaking and entering not a crime in Canada?”
“I told your lovely landlady the truth—that your dashingly handsome boyfriend wanted to surprise you. She said I couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. She’s always loved me.”
“Well, she doesn’t know you like I do. Nor me, apparently.” Eddie raises one shoulder and lets it drop. I take a few more steps forward. “And you’ve taken a few liberties with your title.”
“Perhaps a few.” Eddie reaches out a hand to beckon me forward.
I start up the stairs again. “I’ve left some bags in the lobby. Would you mind bringing them up?”
“Not at all.”
We cross each other on the top step. His fingers brush my bruised wrist and, for a moment, my fingers reach for his. Then my throat clogs. I swallow twice and push my chin up as my hand closes into a fist. Eddie moves away, and I step into my apartment.

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