Monday, May 28, 2018

#Review Nothing Is Predictable By Adalina Mae

Nothing Is Predictable
By Adalina Mae
Genre: Memoir

Zara is eight years old, her father, in a drunken rampage, accidentally shoots himself dead.  
Her childhood memories leave her struggling with romantic attachments and hinder her from developing healthy relationships.
Seeking answers, She meets a monk for wisdom, and a gypsy for insight.
The journeys Adalina Mae takes us on are interspersed with heartbreaking moments as well as hilarious escapades.
This is life and nothing is predictable. The story keeps you on your toes and offers mysteries to solve:
Why does Zara have recurrent nightmares of her last night with her father?
Why does she struggle with love?

About the Author
Adalina Mae is the author of Nothing Is Predictable.
After leaving the corporate world of management, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion to write.
She's also a lover of movies and hopes that her novels become a motion picture.
Adalina wrote Nothing Is Predictable to inspire optimism and positive thoughts, reminding us we are strong and can overcome life’s challenges. Particularly those who suffered childhood trauma like she has. She is determined to spread the message of forgiveness and love. Her life's incidents have taught her, that Nothing Is Predictable and Nothing Can Last Forever.

On Amazon:

 This was a great story about rolling with the punches when life keeps throwing curve balls at you. Even though this is an autobiographical read, it is written in such a way that people not only empathize with Zara and what she has been through but is also written in a way that some people can relate to. Even though the plot seems simplified, it is actually multilayered and has depth.  I think the only complaint I have with this read is that it went a little fast at times where I was left feeling like I had watched a movie in fast-forward. I like fast-paced books where there isn't a lull in the story but, I think there were times where the story could have slowed down and taken time to be more developed so the reader isn't left wondering, "huh?". That said, I did enjoy reading her story and following Zara's journey.


“Run sweetheart, hurry, run! We will hide in the neighbor’s storeroom, he can’t find us there,” Mom whispered as we ran for our lives away from home hoping Dad would not find us. We entered the storeroom beside our neighbor’s old cottage. It was dark and moldy and infested with rats. From a distance, we could hear him following us and approaching.
I cried silently with my eyes shut, fearful about what was going to happen. That dreadful monster is back, what damage is he going to cause tonight?
“Shhh, don’t cry, he won’t find us here, we’ll be okay darling, don’t worry,” Mom whispered as she held me tight to comfort me, yet I could see in her eyes she was not convinced.
“Where are you? You think you can hide from me! I’ll show you who the man of the house is! You’re taking my daughter away from me, I’ll show you woman!” Dad shouted, his voice approaching closer and closer.
He was so drunk he didn’t realize Mom was only running to safety. He thought she was taking me away from him. How on earth do you come to that conclusion? His footsteps stomped louder, as he walked toward the storeroom where we were hiding.
“Where are you? How dare you run away!” his voice projected from outside the room.
And then, BANG! The wooden door was flung open and it bounced off the wall.
“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed so loudly I can still hear the echo of my voice.
I was eight years old.

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