Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthdays and Books

  So I'm sitting here with my lifewater and a ramen cup ( I know, healthy snack;) Thinking holy crap. Our daughter, Abigail turned one on the 3rd.
When people told me before that "the first year flies by, it'll feel like yesterday when you gave birth" I thought yea I know.
But I didn't.
Now I do.
My mother bought her a pair of pajamas (I'll have pictures up later) and when I took them out of the bag I said, " these are too long fer her." They looked like a pair of pajamas that a 2 or 3 year old would wear. And she fit into them!!
She looked adorable in them (of course;) but i was kinda sad and going through one of those moments like on the movie Father Of The Bride where they are playing basketball; but with Abigail. I feel like I have wasted time not playing with her and connecting with her enough. If this is what the first year felt like...oh Lord...
And when I was holding her piece of cake with the candle shaped as a one for her...don't get me started! I actually started to tear up.
Anyways, I needed to rant for a minute. In a daze over tonight and yesterday.
How did you handle it when your (first) child turned one?
Onto books....I have a couple handfuls of books I received for review and a handful of reviews done. But I can't get them up because of two reasons. Well three actually.
1. I'm a nerd and wasn't thinking ahead...shameful.
2. A couple of them are on my thumb drive.
3. A couple of them are on my husbands old laptop at our friends place where we were staying for a while to help out.
So I am hoping that I can get those back and get my reviews up this week. The first and foremost review to go up would be I Will Not Be Silent by April Maley. I have should have had my review for that up weeks ago. Anyway, it has been a long noisy day for me so I am off to bed for church in the morning.
Have a great Sunday everyone!

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