Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Long Night and tomarrow

Tonight has been busy and somewhat  tough night for me *sigh*  I have been trying to find a picture as my ID on the web or of my own. I love books, coffee, chocolate...  but I also love to cook and eat:))...Thinking of taking a picture of myself with a pile of my books with my cup of coffee and a plate of chocolates or a piece of chocolate pie or cake or something...? Ideas? Suggestions?
Also I have been putting the finishing touches on my review for I Will Not Be Silent. I get it all typed up, then read over it, fix it....Add that, take that off. Is that spelled right? It doesn't look right. Ok better. Read it again....GAH! lol.  
Then I take a break to make dinner and watch the pilot episode of a new criminal show; a married couple who go back to working for the government. Real Good:) Also watch Hell's Kitchen. Real Good:) Then Law & Order SVU from 9-11pm. Oh soo good and I figured out who the bad guy was before they did!! I was so proud of myself:) Then I went to washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and living room and taking the garbage out before going back to finish up my review.
Then I can go lay in bed and read more of my book then bed. But I need to remember to set out Abigail's (my little girl, just turned a year a couple weeks ago:) clothing and get her diaper bag ready for tomorrow  because she has a doctor's appointment early tomorrow afternoon.  Then to the store for dinner supplies then stopping by to make sure my mother is doing good (Lives by herself and just had hand surgery) then home to make dinner. After idea. Well besides clean up from dinner doing some blog jumping and reading. Besides that, no idea. Now I am off to bed to do some reading at this early hour...* yawn*

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