Monday, September 13, 2010

Musing Mondays 9/13/10

 (Hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading)

This weeks Musing Monday question is:

Where do you buy / Get most of your books?
I can't afford to buy a lot of books, let alone all the books I want, etc. I get a lot of my books rented from the library. OR from doing book reviews. But I certainly don't do book reviewing for the free book(s). I do it because I have thoughts and opinions on books that I love to share and discuss; I think it is fun reviewing books though I certainly don't like giving bad reviews but I am being honest.

I honestly have never heard of an annual library book sale. I've never seen one from what I can recall, but the library I go to most often has a bookshelf in the main lobby where paperbacks are 50 cents and the rest are $1.00.  But I am definitely going to search those out!

I tend to barrow books as well, mainly from my mother, Christian self help, motivation, Bible study type books. And way back when (lol) before I met my husband and I was holding down two full-timers I never had time to go out to the actual book stores so I joined a few book clubs via mail and got some really good deals and now I have boxes of books. But there are so many more wonderful books out there that have come out in the last few years I need to catch up!!

Have you or did you ever join a book club via mail?


Gigi Ann said...

I buy my books at new and used bookstores, just about anywhere I can find books.

Kristin said...

I love going to library book sales - I just went to one and walked out with 18 books!

My musing is here.

Kelly said...

I love the library. There's a good chance the books they sell at your library are books people donated to an organization called Friends for the Library (or Friends of the Library, depending on where you live, from what I can tell). That organization usually has monthly and/or yearly book sales. Staff at the library should be able to tell you more about it, or it's probably on their website somewhere.

Elisha German said...

Nice job Kristin! I remember when I was part of doubleday and I would get a box or two (or three...yea i got a bit carried away...;) of books total-ing that same amount or more. It was great though because it would feel like Christmas every time I opened a box of books, especially when I got adds in my monthly packet with the book magazine of books bags for the beach, book lights, kitchen ware, etc. I had so much fun doing it but it got expensive; but I was part of three or four of them as well.

Elisha German said...

Yea it's friends of the Library. I had no idea! lol. But I am going to ask about an annual book sale next time I'm over because it did say something about it on the website but I want it clear to me. Thanks so much, Kelly!