Friday, September 10, 2010

Booking Through Thursday 9/9/10

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 This weeks BTT question asks: You have just dropped your favorite out-of-print-book into the bathtub, ruining it completely...What do you do now?

First off, I would never take my favorite out-of-print-book into the bathtub...But lets say one night I felt a little crazy and did...I would jump frantically out of the bathtub, take my towel off the towel rack and start dabbing at the pages hoping to save my precious book even though I know the unthinkable just happened. I would then call for my husband, have him take over while I get my self dressed again then use my blow-dryer on low on each page and pray that does it. If it didn't, I would go on craigslist, ebay and other more likely websites to find another.

On a side note, This question prompted me to go to google and look up pictures of books and bathtubs. Here are a couple interesting and funny ones that I found.

Problem solved!

Are those real books...? ---->

To see more answers, go to the BTT blog! Have a great day!

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