Wednesday, March 29, 2017

**Giveaway** Looking Back on Forever by Kat Alexander **Review**

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: February 27th

There are moments in time that stand out more than others: your first kiss, a special birthday party, seeing your baby for the first time, an intimate conversation, a first date, even something as little as sitting around a dining room table with friends. This is the story of the moments that stood out after I first laid eyes on Noah Gish. ~ Claire Sawyer
The city, it used to be a place I loved and missed with an ache in my gut. It was home. The place where I grew up, where I had fun, where I had my friends, where life was as good as I knew it to be. Then I was shipped off to a place that begins the story of how I fell in love, just to screw everything up. ~ Noah Gish

This story is without a question a journey full of emotions. I so badly wanted to befriend Claire. She's given the cold shoulder by the girls at her school because she is pretty and is fine with being who she is without trying to be like the other girls. She exudes a confidence without being arrogant and the other girls are just plain jealous of her. Noah is one I think we can all relate to; at least from time to time with his insecurities. Thankfully, he has an outlet that he is really good at: music! And, it doesn't hurt that he is also super cute.
This was such an endearing story that takes you through all of the emotions with so many elements to the story. The story of love, friendship, betrayal, and forgiveness makes this story unique and yet relatable. I loved the authors writing, creativity, and edge in this story.  

“You seem like a different person,” I blurt out, instantly regretting it.

She doesn’t miss a beat, unfazed or unaware of my mood. “I feel like a different person.”
“It scares me.”
She looks at me in confusion, her brilliant smile wilting.
Am I that selfish that I have to bring her down when I am? That’s not right. I love her. I adore her so goddamn much. I should be able to smile through someone ripping my guts out, holding a gun to my head, gasping my last breath, just so she doesn’t hurt.

About the author:
Literature is my passion. I like to challenge myself and grow in my writings. I have many unfinished books and some that have been published under a different name.
My passions include the arts: music, photography, writing, dance, painting, films, architecture—anything that is creation. There is not much I don't like; and if I don't like it, I at least appreciate the process it took place to create it. This is something incorporated in all my books.
In my spare time, I enjoy being out in nature, travelling, spending time with family, and reading. I read everything, from contemporary to paranormal, and history to science. Learning is something very important to me.

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