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**Book Blitz-Q&A-Giveaway** Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon by Alexa Bloom

Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon
by Alexa Bloom
(The Harrisons #1)
Publication date: January 31st 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance

Not in a million years did Tatum O’Connor imagine she’d ever end up at Lockwood Farm. She’d dreamed of seeing it, like other kids dreamed of visiting Disneyland.  Fast forward several years and Tatum is on the run from a haunting past. Though she’s made it to Lockwood Farm romance is the furthest thing from her mind. Now the only thing Tatum wants to do is keep her head down and work with the horses she adores—if only she didn’t have to deal with the farm’s owner, Blake Harrison. Drop dead gorgeous and cocky to boot, Blake’s the poster boy for everything Tatum’s trying to avoid. Yet despite her best intentions, the sizzling attraction between them is seducing Tatum into breaking the one promise she vowed she’d never break. As she grapples with the sensuous power of Blake’s devastating kisses, the past she thought she’d outrun is closing in fast. And time…has just run out.
Blake’s relentless hard work turned his late father’s legacy Lockwood Farm, into a thriving five-star racehorse training facility—until a freak run of bad luck has pushed it to the verge of bankruptcy. Blake’s counting on Diamond Lad to pull off the most spectacular win in horse racing at the prestigious Kentucky Derby, but when blustering owner Max McManis yanks his multi-million dollar stallion out of Lockwood—Blake is at his wit’s end. On top of that, the arrival of stunning, enigmatic Tatum O’Connor, has him doubly sucker-punched. Despite her inexplicable hostility toward him, Blake falls hard and fast for the feisty new stable-hand, whose endless chocolate doe-eyes make it damn near impossible for him to keep his hands—and lips, off her. But as Tatum’s tangled web of secrets starts to unravel, Blake is rocked by the discovery of a devastating secret that has him caught between a rock and a hard place. Now he has to decide between the family farm he cherishes, and saving the woman he’s come to love.
Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon is the first book in The Harrisons, a series capturing the perfect blend of heart, emotion and steamy romance.

Tension thrummed through Tatum’s veins, as she kept her head down. Her nerves were wound so tight, she felt like she was going to explode. Thank goodness she’d worn her big white hat to work today, because it was turning out to be a life-saver.
Still, despite the nerve-wracking situation she found herself in, a smirk crept onto her face. Stargazer kicking Buzz in the shins had been the funniest thing she’d seen in a long time. It had taken all her self-restraint not to laugh out loud, but she’d made it this far, she had to keep it together a little longer.
She’d had an absolute heart attack when she’d spied Uncle Mike from the barn. She’d immediately told Buzz she wasn’t feeling well, had begged him to let Enrique lead Stargazer out instead. But true to form, Buzz had told her to quit her moaning and get her butt outside pronto. He’d said he had a great prospect and he wasn’t about to lose him on her account.
Now she was standing here with just a horse between her and her Uncle Mike, hoping to goodness he didn’t realize it was her. Luckily for her, he’d seemed so completely besotted with Stargazer—he wasn’t paying the least bit of attention to the girl on the other side of the horse. Otherwise, she might have had some explaining to do.
What the heck was Mike doing out here at the sales yard anyway, she wondered. He wasn’t a horse trader. He was a veterinarian, consulting at whatever farm happened to call him in to come treat an ailing horse. It must have something to do with that guy he was with, she thought. Mike was probably advising him whether Stargazer was a good buy or not.

Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon – Q&A With Alexa Bloom

1.      Can you tell our readers a little bit about The Harrisons series, and where your inspiration came from? 

I’ve always wanted to write a series with a big family feel, but not necessarily be confined to the same location for every book. So in The Harrisons, each story focuses on one of seven siblings and is set where they live. Writing it that way meant I could take readers to different locations, but Lockwood Farm, the family farm in Kentucky, remains the family hub. In Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon (book 1), I also enjoyed being able to incorporate horses into the story and developing their cute 'personalities'.

2.      What was your favourite thing about writing this series, the sexy man, the feisty heroine, or the horses?

That's a tough one. I loved creating the contrasting characters of Blake and Tatum. Being the eldest sibling of the family, Blake has had to be the family patriarch for a long time—and while he makes a great boss, he's not always so great at expressing his own emotions. Tatum on the other hand, has a speak-your-mind fiery kind of temperament that can get her into trouble. It's hard to pick a favorite but I did love writing about the horses I mentioned earlier, and giving them their own distinct personalties - that was lots of fun.

3.      Writing in the world of contemporary romance, how do you keep each novel fresh and exciting?

Well, being able to change the location for each story really helps, and apart from there being a different hero and heroine in each book, the setting almost becomes like a third character. For example, book 2 is set in New York, and featuring some of the city's iconic spots added another dimension to the story.  To keep each story's characters authentic, I also like to listen to people around me, and squirrel away snippets of conversation or real-life incidents that have the potential to make an interesting story.

4.      What do you like about writing romance?

Lots of things! But a couple of things that come to mind are getting to write those happily ever afters. If I cry after writing an ending or a poignant moment in one of my stories, then I feel like I've got it right. The other thing that's great about being a romance writer, are the awesome readers. Romance readers are really passionate about their romance books, be it contemporary, suspense, paranormal or whatever their favorite genre may be, and they’re very supportive about helping get the word out about their favorite authors!

5.       What is your writing process like? Are you a four walls kind of writer or do you hang out in cafes?

I wish I was a cafe writer, it would definitely be more fun, but I'm a lot more productive in my quiet little study—the less distractions the better. My latest challenge has been trying to find ways to be more efficient and productive with my writing time. I do try and switch off the internet when I'm working, as I find its siren call just a little too tempting:) But once I'm into a story, I'm getting better at being able to write when there's other people around.

6.      Describe what readers can expect from an Alexa Bloom romance in just a few words.

Well always hunky guys, interesting, relatable heroines and though the stories are mainly dramatic in nature, I have a fairly dry, subtle sense of humor (I've always loved English humor), so you'll always find sprinklings of my wry humor in there as well.

7.       What’s next for Alexa Bloom?

Book #2 in The Harrisons is already available—Once In A New York Minute—but I wanted to write a story about the couple that started it all. So right now I'm working on book #0, which is actually a prequel to the series and a story about Joe and Rose Harrison, who founded Lockwood Farm and went on to give me all those wonderful children to write about.

8.      Did you have the full story in mind when you started writing Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon or did you make it up as you went along?

I do like to have an outline before I start writing, but my outlines are not super detailed—so I think the answer is a bit of both really. My outlines are a kind of like a road map, they point me to where I have to get to, and give me some key way-points along the way, but not making them too detailed, allows me the flexibility to introduce new ideas, if a brainwave occurs to me while I'm writing.

9.      Do you put yourself in your characters? And is so, what traits of yours can we see in Tatum and Blake in Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon?

I think to some extent, you can't really help putting a little bit of yourself in your characters, because after all, you experience everything in life through your own filter:) As far as Tatum, I can relate to her feisty nature, and how she tries to dig herself out of an undesirable situation and with Blake, let's just say we could probably all use a lesson in pulling back and letting other people find their own way sometimes.

10.  Where would you most like to set a future story?

There are so many great locations to set a story that the possiblities are just about endless. But having said that, I'm excited about an upcoming 'The Harrisons', where my heroine will be a marine biologist. That one is going to have a lot of gorgeous exotic locations to drool over.



Hi folks,

I'd like to be able to tell you I was one of those people who told stories from the age of two, wrote them voraciously from age three and a half, and spent my entire life in a library reading any book I could lay my hands on from that point forward. But sadly...that would be a complete fiction. (Ironic, isn't it?)

The fact is, I'm one of those people who could never quite figure out what to do with their lives. I've worked variously in office admin, as a teacher, singer, voice-over artist, colour consultant... If you can think of it, chances are I've probably tried it:)

Fast forward one change of country (Australia to Canada) and two children later, I don't think I found writing so much, as it found me. And I'm sure glad it did, because I can finally say I've found what I'm supposed to do:)

I've loved writing my first contemporary romance series The Harrisons, and I hope you'll enjoy meeting each of the seven Harrison siblings as much as I have.

Happy reading
XXX Alexa

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