Tuesday, February 21, 2017

To The Studs by Roxanne Smith **Review**

has always made it clear she’s not his type. 

Yet the simmering tension between
them says otherwise….


Bound by Design #1

Roxanne Smith

Releasing Feb 21, 2017

Lyrical Shine

No one says
no to fiery but talented home designer Neve Harper—which is how she convinces
her elusive neighbor, Duke Kennicot, to help out with her latest renovation
job. Not only is Duke a design aficionado, he’s got the inside scoop on the
cabin’s owner. And since Neve’s ulterior motive is a romance with the boss,
Duke is her ideal wingman. Except from the moment they’re alone in the remote
Ozark mountain location, Neve discovers Duke is just as headstrong—and a whole
lot sexier—than she ever realized. Duke has always made it clear she’s not his
type. Yet the simmering tension between them says otherwise….

Duke had been warned to steer clear of hot-tempered Neve, but his resolve is
lessening with every heated exchange—and every smoldering touch. By the time
Neve unearths a dangerous, age-old mystery buried on the property, Duke is
ready to do just about anything to keep the brazen beauty safe…. 

I want to say Neve is my kind of girl. I liked her personality except that she didn't seem...nice. She seemed bitter at times which made me wonder if she had a backstory to explain that. I get that she was dealing with "being a woman in a man's world" and misogyny and such...
 She was  definitely comfortable in her own skin, which I liked.  You get to a certain age when you begin to think, "take me as I am". You don't care nearly as much about what people think of you. That's Neve. Plus, she is opinionated and will tell you what she thinks even if you didn't ask for her opinion. She is the kind of woman I would have sympathy for but would have a hard time being friends with. Congeniality doesn't seem to be one of her many traits.
Although this was romance I appreciated that there was a story-line aside from romance.  And, the author did pull me into this story so I will be following this series :)

A Florida native, Roxanne
 has called everywhere from Houston to Cheyenne home. Currently
residing in Roswell, New Mexico, she’s an avid reader of every genre, a cat
lover, pit bull advocate, and semi-geek. She loves video games, Doctor
, and her dashing husband. Her two kids are the light of her life and
provide ample material for her writing.

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