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**Giveaway** BLIND FAITH by Nancy Haviland

Steel Jackals MC #2
Publication Date: February 28, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, MC



After years of solitude, Tish O’Malley made the mistake of assuming happiness was finally hers. But before she can relax her guard and enjoy her protective—albeit secretive—Sergeant at Arms, another selfish choice made by her unconscionable drug-addict mother brings about deadly consequences. With Rachel conveniently tucked away behind bars, her massive debt is laid at Tish’s feet.

Josh “The Guardian” Sylvan knew when he claimed his young queen, her well-being would become his life’s purpose. When her mother’s senseless idiocy brings his estranged father’s notorious club to town, to protect Tish, Josh must consider taking out a member of the Obsidian Devils MC. Can he risk it all? Jeopardize his brothers and their families as they stand at his back, preparing to fight this personal battle?

Everything changes when Josh discovers his and Tish’s love has produced the one thing that will bind her to his side forever. Only then does indecision flee, and possessive rage takes over.



Without any other options, Elaine hesitantly handed Harry over then darted toward the restrooms. Tish looked down at the sleeping baby and, of course, she smiled like a loon because his nose was a tiny button and his eyelashes were gorgeous. As she slowly made her way back to Josh, she adjusted Harry’s blanket where it had slipped, and pulled his paci from dangling over her hand. It was clipped on, but she wanted it handy.

“Sorry,” she murmured as she slid back into the booth. “I couldn’t leave her hanging. That was Ben’s wife; the guy whose notes I borrowed earlier.” Her voice, which wasn’t Harry’s mother’s, coaxed him into opening his sleepy brown eyes. “Hi, sweet pea,” she cooed. “Mommy just had to go take care of some business. She’ll be back soon, and then you can go with her to my school and listen while she rags on your daddy for not answering her calls.” His eyes rolled, and he went back under, totally uninterested. She laughed, as enamored now as she’d been when she’d first met him when he was only a few days old.

“I’ll get on my goddamn hands and knees and beg if you want me to, Tish, but, please, have mercy on me and let me fuck a baby into you.”

A bolt of something delicious exploded between her legs as her head snapped up. Josh was staring at her with honest-to-goodness moisture swimming in his eyes.


Hearing the shocked whisper, Tish was sure she felt something in her neck crack from how fast her head then whipped to the side. Elaine stood next to their table, her jaw hanging, her eyes like saucers as she gaped at Josh.

Tish laughed nervously. “You all set? You look great. Can’t even tell you were crying.”

Elaine gave no indication she’d heard her.

“He, uh, he’s a little intense.” Tish reached out and patted her friend’s hand. “It’s okay, though. He’s harmless.”

With her face turning fire engine red, Elaine twittered like she should have a fan fluttering over her face. “'Kay. Er, wow. I sure wish Ben had said something like that to me before we got pregnant. All I got was a worried ‘I think we can make it work if we really scrimp and save.''

Tish giggled because she could so hear Ben saying that.

“He’s very sexy,” Elaine added under her breath, speaking to Tish as though Josh wasn’t within perfect hearing distance. She was staring right at him! “In a scary, sort of wicked way.” She cleared her throat and seemed to snap out of a trance. Her hand came out to touch Harry’s belly. “Got a baby with mine, though,” she said as though reminding herself. Her next high-pitched laugh was embarrassed. “I’ll, um, be as quick as I can, Tish.” She bumped her hip into a table as she rushed down the narrow aisle and out the door.

Grinning, Tish watched out the window to make sure Elaine made it across the street and into the insurance broker’s office building without being hit by a bus.

“Told you women love you,” she teased as her lower belly continued to flutter. “I guess now you know how the proud lion feels being gawked at in the zoo.”

“I wasn’t kidding, babe. Are you on the pill?”

It was her turn to gape. “Shh! Josh!" She glanced around. "I’m not coming in public with you again if you don’t find an inside voice.”

“I haven’t made you come in public yet. Are you?” he pressed.

She shivered. “Yes.” She hadn’t taken today’s yet but would as soon as they got home. With how often he’d come inside her last night—she shivered again—now probably wasn’t the time to get sloppy.


The knowledge that one of her eggs could be caught and mauled by one of Josh’s sperm should alarm her, but it fucking didn’t! Why? That possibility would have freaked her out only twenty-four hours ago. But now? Nothing.

“Toss them.”


She hid a cringe and wanted to kick that excited inner voice for wanting to obey his every command. “I think I’m going to tickle Harry’s feet to wake him. When he starts bawling, I’ll hand him over and go sit outside. Then we’ll see how keen you are on the idea of impregnating me.”

He groaned. Loud enough to make people turn and look. “When you’re in front of me, I love that fuckin’ word. Seriously. You think I’m a pig now, wait until you have a round belly and those beautiful tits get heavy.” He groaned again and lowered his voice. “Everyone who sees you will know how deep you let me into you. They’ll know who owns you and the baby you carry. Pregnant women are horny women, right?”

To her surprise, he slid out of the booth, his face drawn, shoulders tight, and left her sitting alone with the baby. Again, she found herself looking out the window after the bell above the door jangled. He hopped down the stairs and stalked around the corner of the building. Man, his body was gorgeous.

Feeling feverish, she absently stroked her thumb down Harry’s velvety cheek. “I think Uncle Josh is riding the crazy train, Harrison.” As something deep between her legs clenched with need, she added, “And I’m afraid Auntie Tish is thinking about hitching a ride on the caboose.”




Nineteen-year-old Tish O’Malley has loved Josh “The Guardian” Sylvan since she was a child. When her reticent hero returns to Queen Creek after serving a three-year prison term meant for her mother, Tish is through pretending this man nearly twice her age isn’t the only happiness she’s ever known.

Will the viciously loyal Sergeant at Arms stand by his instant and brutal rejection of the woman Tish has become? Or will he give in and claim her as his young queen despite his best efforts to resist the one female who should never have made it on his radar?

*PLEASE BE AWARE: Blind Devotion was formerly released in November 2015 as HIS YOUNG QUEEN by TIFF P. RAINE. It has been revised, given a new title and cover, but it hasn't been altered enough for any information to be missed if you don’t re-read before continuing with the books that will follow. This is the intro to the STEEL JACKALS MC series, and it’s in Tish O’Malley’s POV only. Hers and Josh’s story will continue in dual POV in BLIND FAITH, which is scheduled for release at the end of February 2017.

**WARNING: Contains drug use, profanity, and explicit sexual situations. If you’re not comfortable with frequent use of the C-words or a demanding alpha biker fresh out of prison, please skip reading this book. +18



Nancy Haviland is an award-winning, bestselling romance (suspense, erotic, contemporary) author who writes about her possessive alpha males and their obsessively loved women from her home in Southwestern Ontario. Her greatest loves are her family and that ever-present cooling cup of coffee at her elbow.
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